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War Memorial Indexes and Inscriptions

The full index transcriptions are available at the Family History Centre, on a CD or download from the shop on our website.


There are over 25,000 names on more than 500 Memorials and includes, where known. Age, Rank, Regiment and Year of Death

The first reference column refers to either a GFHS or GA book number, the second reference column may refer to a page number Any result which indicates a photograph is available refers to the War Memorial or Roll of Honour on which the individual is named a copy of which is in the GFHS Library.

For the purposes of this project a ‘War Memorial’ is any list of those who were killed during any war and a ‘Roll of Honour’ is defined as any list of those who served in any war.

Researchers are advised to verify the information which they obtain. A number of individuals have been identified who, although killed, are not commemorated on any memorial. These have been included but with the “memorial site” given as “uncommemorated”.


Help from the following is gratefully acknowledged. John Williams, Dick Dingle, Andy Sysum, Janette Sysum, Bob Spencer, Jane Wood and Lorraine Jackson.

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