Index of Cremations in Gloucester Crematorium Vol. 4. 1998- 2012 Download

Index of Cremations Gloucester Crematorium Vol. 4 1998-2012. Transcribed by Barbara Osborne and her team of society volunteers

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A History of the County of Gloucester Vol 4 states that in 1856 a cemetery of 13 acres was laid out at Tredworth but was not opened until 1857 when the old city churchyards ceased.

A second city cemetery at Coney Hill was laid out in 1934 but was not opened for burials until 1939 with the first interment taking place 10 May 1939. This cemetery is still used today.

A Crematorium was built in the grounds of the Coney Hill cemetery and the first cremation took place there on the 7 January 1953. Many ashes were then either scattered or interred in or on Graves in both cemeteries.

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