A History of Gloucester Prison 1791-1950

By:- Jill Evans
Gloucester Prison was in continuous existence for almost 222 years, from July 1 791, when the first prisoners moved in, to March 2013, when it was closed down. It was one of the first prisons in Great Britain that was purpose-built to be run on the separate system, in which prisoners were divided into different classes and slept in individual cells. This book relates the prison’s history up to 1950, discussing the development of the buildings, the problems encountered in trying to employ the separate system, the staff who worked there and the prisoners who were held in its cells. It reveals what everyday life in the prison was like and recalls the less routine events which took place, such as escapes and executions. It should appeal to readers who are interested in Gloucestershire’s history or in the history of crime and punishment, and to anyone who has ever wondered what went on in the past behind Gloucester Prison’s high walls.

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Monumental Inscriptions from the Forest of Dean: Burial Grounds Vol 1


Clearwell Burial Ground

Drybrook Holy Trinity

Mitcheldean St Michael and All Angels

Viney Hill All Saints Burial Ground

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Prisoners in Gloucester Gaol: A Rogues’ Gallery: Photographs and Records

By : Elizabeth Jack

Covering 1870, 1880 – 1906

(There are no photographs for 1871 – 1879 inclusive)

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Secret Gloucester

By:- Christine Jordan

Sheltered by the Cotswolds, the streets of Gloucester hide many secrets.  Using vast knowledge Christine explores the rich heritage that can be seen embedded throughout the streets of this historic city.

Such as the momentous to the outlandish

The sale of wives in the 18th century, hidden Roman Ruins, and many more.

This book will appeal to Locals looking for a nostalgic look back into their district to touring visitors and provides an excellent alternative view into the clandestine aspects of Gloucester city.

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The New Regard Number 33, 2019






Page 4 

The address by the Lord-Lieutenant of Gloucestershire on the occasion of the Society’s 70th anniversary.

Given to members at a dinner held at Speech House on the 30th June 2018. Mining the Forest’s Secrets: Recent archaeological excavations at Yorkley and Soudley .

Page 6

Jesse Wheeler and Andrew Walsh

Reminiscences of the Forester Training School at Parkend During The Early


Page 10

By Pete Ralph

The rescue and conservation of the Whitecliff ironworks in the

Forest of Dean. .

Ian Standing

Page 13

The Present State of the Forest.

Thomas Rudge’s History Of the County of Gloucestershire, 1803

Page 23

Forty Shilling Freeholders? How the Foresters got the Vote. .

David Mullin

Page 25

Interim report on the Foresters’ Forest Veteran Tree and Archaeology Project at

Brookways Ditch, near Parkend.

Page 39

Andrew Hoaen

Abbots Wood. .

Page 46

Stan Bosher

A Commitment to Education: The Westaway Family and the Westaway Medal for

Merit, Drybrook Primary School . . .

Page 51

Eric Nicholls

Interesting and notable trees of Dean Thirty Years on. Part 3: Sweet Chestnut,

Ash, Holly, Yew and Other trees. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Page 55

Ian Standing


This edition includes accounts of two projects concerning local archaeology and the historic landscape.

They were led by professional experts and undertaken by interested volunteers. The numbers taking

part demonstrate the wide interest in this branch of the local heritage. Projects concerning wildlife and

community history are also underway and equally successful. All are funded through the Foresters’ Forest HLF Landscape Partner Scheme.


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