The Surnames Handbook


A Guide to Family Name Research in the 21st Century


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By: Debbie Kennett. Foreword by Derek A. Palgrave. President of The Guild of One-Name Studies

The Surnames Handbook, A Guide to Family Name Research in the 21st Century is intended to be a practical guide to all the different aspects of surname research, but Debbie has also provided some background on surnames in general, drawing on the research from all the many different disciplines that are now involved in surname research, emphasising in particular the contribution that can be made by family historians. The book includes links to hundreds of relevant websites, an extensive bibliography, and numerous detailed appendices with information on all the essential resources for a surname study both online and offline.

Every surname has its own story to tell, and a surname study is a natural complement to family history research. The study of surnames has been revolutionised in the last decade with the increasing availability of online resources, and it is now easier than ever before to explore the history, evolution, distribution and meaning of your family name.

The Surnames Handbook provides a comprehensive guide to researching your surname using genealogical methods in conjunction with the latest advances in DNA testing and surname mapping. The book explores the key resources that are used to study a surname and is packed with links to relevant websites giving you everything you need to research your surname in one compact volume.

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