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By Richard Auckland

Barnwood House Mental Hospital had its origin in the desire during the late 18th century for there to be proper and caring treatment for those suffering with mental problems.

This book is based on an extensive study of the hospital that the author undertook during the pandemic lockdowns of 2020,2021, and 2022, and is intended to bring together, in a coherent and readable form, the history of an institution that was both locally important, and nationally significant.

It firstly recounts the Hospital’s history, which started in the late 18th century and continued right through to 2022 when the Barnwood Trust’s involvement in Barnwood ended.

There are then chapters covering the Hospital’s buildings, ethos, patients, management, and the various satellite establishments.

Finally, there is a section on the development of the hospital’s lands after the closure and sale in 1969.

Physical evidence of the Hospital is now not that evident in Barnwood, and many of Barnwood’s inhabitants are unaware of its existence.
This book sets out to correct that, and to bring the Hospital’s history to a wider audience.

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