Port of Gloucester Pilotage Inwards 1874 to 1886


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This CD will be of interest to anyone fascinated by maritime history regarding not only the Pilots but the names of ships, places they were registered, their port of origin and the diverse cargos carried into the ports of the Severn estuary.

The Log itself appears to be an account register relating to charges made for Piloting Ships from the Bristol Channel to Gloucester etc It is a fascinating insight into shipping in the Severn Estuary during this period, and whether you’re interested in the movement of goods world wide, the history of ships, or the fascinating place names where the ships were registered or the goods were loaded, that completed their journey to the ports of Lydney, Sharpness, Gloucester etc. and not forgetting the families that acted as Pilots it is a fascinating read.

This CD contains a full transcription of the register 386 individual images of the pages transcribed, and a short history of the Severn Pilots.

This CD is currently not available as a download due to size of content.

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