Memorial Inscriptions St. Matthew’s Church, Twigworth


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Compiled by Tim Randles for G.F.H.S.

Available as a CD Version or PDF Download (download is without photographs)

Survey of Memorials in St Matthew’s Church and Churchyard, Twigworth 2016-17.

Introduction. The output of this survey comprises a set of 5 ‘plans’ of the graveyard, a ‘Word’ tabulation of the individual memorial inscriptions and photographs of every memorial. The survey was carried out by physical inspection and photographic recording over the 18 month period between March 2016 and October 2017.

The layout plans. There was no plan of the churchyard available so, for the purpose of this survey, I assumed a crude grid across the whole churchyard and assigned a grid reference to each memorial. The grid squares run from ‘AA’ to ‘BY’ south – north along the road frontage and numbers 01-30 from front to back of the churchyard. It has subsequently been drawn to my attention that the lettering seems back to front when viewed on plan or from the road but it made sense to me when I was working inside the churchyard, starting at the southern end and using the road frontage as a datum line! The grid is only approximate because the churchyard is not rectangular and many graves are not actually in straight lines. There are 4 ‘plans’ (actually ‘Word’ tabulations) to cover the whole churchyard. They are certainly not to scale; indeed they are very distorted, but nevertheless they are very helpful for locating the memorials. There is a 5th plan which covers the Ashes Garden which lies at the northern end of the churchyard. Again, it is a ‘word’ tabulation of a separate grid system which runs from CA to CS on its south to north axis, and from 01-15 on the west to east axis. I have not marked the location of the memorials within the church on any plan but they were recorded in order walking around the inside of the church in a clockwise direction.

The database This has nine columns:

1. A unique number for each physical memorial and which has been generated solely for convenience in preparing this database. Where more than one life is commemorated on a single headstone then they will both have the same number. Where a memorial has more than one side, or where the tomb consists of a series of plaques then they will each have a, b etc after the memorial number.

2. A ‘Grid reference’ (see above). This is unique to any one memorial, except in a very few cases where the graves are unusually close together.

3. Surname. Where a married woman’s maiden name is also given on the memorial then she is entered twice in the list, using both surnames.

4. First names, taken from the memorial. In a few cases, where only nicknames or initials are recorded on the memorial, this may be supplemented with information from the burial register in order to facilitate searches of the database.

5. Date of death, from the memorial. In a few cases where the date was not legible or available I may have quoted the year from the burial register

6. Age at death, from the gravestone. Where this was not available the age may have been taken from the burial register.

7. A transcript of the memorial inscription. Unreadable sections are shown by [ ].

8. The burial date, taken from the Church Burial register. 9. Any other information.

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