He Went About Doing Good


The life of Dr Edward Thomas Wilson of Cheltenham


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Author: David Elder

The Life of Dr Edward Thomas Wilson of Cheltenham has never been told. Overshadowed both by his son, the Antarctic explorer who perished with Captain Scott at the South Pole, and his brother, renowned for his heroic attempt to rescue General Gordon at Khartoum, his story is intriguingly complex.

A Municipal pioneer of Victorian and Edwardian Britain, he instigated modern medical practices, such as isolation fever hospitals, district nursing and clean drinking water. A supporter of science and art he opened the museum which now bears his family’s name, and promoted libraries and the local School of Art.
A founder of the local camera club (the sixth oldest in the country) he pioneered photomicrograph, as an amateurs’ pursuit, and contributed to numerous associations, not least as President of the Cheltenham Natural Science Society. ‘No man has done so much as he to stimulate and promote the intellectual life of the town’ proclaimed one of his obituaries in 1918, while the epitaph on his gravestone reads simply, ‘He went about doing good’.

Drawing on previously unpublished material and sources, this is the first in-depth biography of one of life’s ‘quiet’ heroes.

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