Disasters on The Severn


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By: Chris Witts

2010 marked the 50th anniversary of the Severn Railway Bridge disaster.


Chris Witts first became interested in the River Severn at the age of 14 when his mum gave him a book about the river. During 1960 at 16 he left school to work on oil tankers on the Severn. In 1966 he became a fireman with Gloucester City Fire Brigade. At the end of that career he went mate, then skipper of two grain barges on the Severn. It was during this period that he began writing books about the River Severn, appearing on radio and TV and is in great demand as a speaker.


Fascinating record of all significant unfortunate happenings on the Severn over the last few centuries authored by one of the survivors of the Severn Bridge disaster. Accidents to shipping, bridges, railways and even aircraft are covered in this interesting volume.


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