Bristol, Africa and the Eighteenth-Century Slave Trade to America


The Years of Decline 1746-1769 Vol 3

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Bristol Records Society’s Publications Vol. XLII

This book charters the voyages made by each ship with details of its human cargo, and crew as listed below, Also the book delves into the financial aspects associated with the voyages.

(1)       The tonnage and armament of the vessel
(2)       The size of the vessel’s crew, both outward from Bristol and on its homeward journey, or otherwise specified
(3)       The place and year of construction of the vessel
(4)       The place and date of its registration
(5)       The master(s) of the vessel
(6)       The owner(s) of the vessel
(7)       The vessel’s date of departure from Bristol or other (named) port
(8)       The vessel’s recorded place or places of trade in Africa
(9)       The number or intended number of slaves shipped in Africa
(10)     The port or ports of arrival of the vessel in America
(11)     The vessel’s date’s) of arrival at the port(s) in America
(12)     The number of slaves delivered to or sold at the port(s) in America
(13)     The date of departure of the vessel from its last port of call in America
(14)     The date of the vessel’s return to Bristol or other known outcome to the voyage

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