A History of Gloucester Prison 1791-1950


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By: Jill Evans

Gloucester Prison was in continuous existence for almost 222 years, from July 1791, when the first prisoners moved in, to March 2013, when it was closed down. It was one of the first prisons in Great Britain that was purpose-built to be run on the separate system, in which prisoners were divided into different classes and slept in individual cells. This book relates the prison’s history up to 1950, discussing the development of the buildings, the problems encountered in trying to employ the separate system, the staff who worked there and the prisoners who were held in its cells. It reveals what everyday life in the prison was like and recalls the less routine events which took place, such as escapes and executions. It should appeal to readers who are interested in Gloucestershire’s history or in the history of crime and punishment, and to anyone who has ever wondered what went on in the past behind Gloucester Prison’s high walls.

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