Volunteer Management Policy

The Gloucestershire Family History Society is a self –funding organisation managed by its officers and a committee of Trustees [the Executive Committee], and reliant upon its volunteer membership for the performance of its activities and the achievement of its aims.

The purpose of this policy statement is to provide a framework for the management of the volunteers engaged in Society activity in furtherance of its objectives.

Engagement of Volunteers

The Society invites members to volunteer to perform the range of tasks required in achieving its aims or carrying out its strategies. After an initial interview and a familiarisation course, roles are allocated on the basis of skill level claimed or demonstrated. All work is subject to a period of on-the-job training and supervision by experienced leaders who report to the trustees.

Legal Status of Volunteers

The Society will maintain a written Role Description for its volunteers. This is intended to make clear what the boundaries and expectations of their activity or activities are. It will also make clear that the volunteers are not employees and there is no contractual requirement to work particular hours. Volunteers will be formally advised that they are acting as volunteers for the Society and not for the Gloucestershire Archives.

Expenses for Volunteers

The Society does not pay volunteers for their time, but it does operate a policy of reimbursing some out-of-pocket expenses. These include expenses incurred for travel [to events outside the city at 30p a mile], postage and telephone costs [if working from home], also essential equipment and claimed for the legitimate use in the interests of the Society. Volunteers are required to submit an itemised Expenses Claim Form [authorised Petty Cash slips for small amounts] together with any available receipts for any expenses incurred and reimbursed.

General Data Protection Regulations

The Society complies with the General Data Protection Regulations and expects its volunteers to adhere these and any other related policies, such as the Society’s Privacy Policy, Document Retention Periods and website Terms & Conditions.

Last updated: 30th April 2018