Covid-19: visiting GFHS Family History Centre

New Procedures


We’re delighted to welcome researchers back to the Centre and have made some changes to make sure that all our visitors and volunteers can work safely and comfortably in these challenging times. Please remember that you will have to book an appointment.

Therefore we ask that you follow these measures :

Not feeling well?

If you or anyone in your household have symptoms of Covid-19 please don’t visit the Centre and seek medical advice. Do let us know so we can cancel your appointment.

Before you begin

Please arrive on time for your appointment, ring the doorbell and wait outside the Hub – the door is locked.

You must wear a face covering all of the time you’re in the Hub and Centre. One of the Centre volunteers will let you in and, if it is your first visit, show you where you can hang your coat, and where the public loos are. We’ll offer you a locker key so you can store your bag safely – don’t bring bags into the Centre. Please bring your own paper and pens/pencils – we can not provide them for you – and you are welcome to bring your own laptop. The parking on-site is free at the moment so you won’t need to buy a token before you leave.

Getting started

Our volunteer will show you to your allocated PC and workspace. Please use the materials we’ve provided to wipe over the keyboard, mouse, tabletop and chair – just ask if you’d like gloves when you do this. And then sanitise your hands.

Please do not move to a different workspace during your visit.

Need help?

Our volunteers are happy to help if you’re stuck or don’t know what to do next so we have created two dedicated Help Desks in the Centre. Please ask one of the volunteers if you’d like to move to one of these for some help or advice.

Need to use a book?

We’ve restricted access to the Library for the moment so please don’t browse! If you’d like to use a book, just ask one of the volunteers and they’ll get it for you. When you’ve finished with it, we’ll ‘quarantine’ it for 72 hours before we put it back on the shelf.

Want to buy a book or take a copy?

We’re not taking any payments at the moment, cash or card, so you can’t buy a book or take a print. You can buy books through the GFHS website. And you can email a copy of many documents to yourself or take a photo of the image on the screen with a mobile phone or camera. We don’t charge for virtual copies but would appreciate a donation to help us to cover the cost of providing free access to the FH websites.

Taking a break?

There are no facilities to make hot or cold drinks in the Hub so please bring a flask and/or water with you. There is some space to sit in the Coffee Lounge and seats in the Community Garden just outside.

Please be aware of the need for social distancing all the time you’re in the Hub. If you prefer we can give you details of nearby cafes.

Finished your session?

Before you leave, please wipe over the keyboard, mouse, tabletop and chair. And then sanitise your hands! Please make sure you have all your possessions, including your coat and bag, then put your locker key in the box on the Archives’ reception desk so it can be cleaned overnight.

Want to visit Gloucestershire Archives?

You must book a separate appointment to visit the Archives so please check its website to do this.

Want to visit the FH Centre again?

We hope that you’ll have an enjoyable and productive visit to the Centre and look forward to seeing you again. Our volunteers can’t make another appointment for you so, please, book again through our website

We can’t accept ‘walk-ins’.


We need to keep the Centre well-ventilated to reduce the risk of infection so the windows will be open so the room might be a bit draughty and chilly. So, please, wrap up warm and bring a jumper!