Where do you think this is?

Crowd sourcing information on a set of 1930s photographs



Can you help identify a collection of black and white photographs that were taken by a former member and amateur photographer. He was born in Gloucestershire and took and developed his own pictures (we believe in the 1930s around the Cotswolds).

We are asking members and others to identify the location and whether the buildings are still standing. If possible and restrictions permitting we would like someone to take a picture as close to the subject of the original as possible. We can gradually build up a ‘then and now’ comparison, so people can see how much places have changed in the last 90 years.

This is not a quiz. We do not know the right answer! It is more an exercise in gathering the collective wisdom of the GFHS.

As the information is gathered we will display the results on maps and link to other information where possible.

New batches of the photographs are being prepared and will be published here as well. Keep an eye open for somewhere in your neighbourhood.

See our first batches in the menu.

As well as responding on individual pictures please do let us know what you think about the project and whether you have any additional background information by emailing where@gfhs.org.uk or using the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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