Renewal Season

Many members need to renew their membership around 1 April each year. We are sending automated reminders: the first will arrive just over a week before your membership is due to end and more will come on the expiry date and 2 weeks later – although not, of course, if you have by then renewed!

As the reminders make clear those paying by Standing order need do nothing.

As well as having the obvious purpose of jogging your memory, those emails will help to simplify renewal by having a link to take you directly to a page to renew your existing type of membership. You will need to logon to the individual membership account for which we sent details last November. You can pay by credit card or debit card using Paypal (without having to create a PayPal account); or use a PayPal account if you already have one; or indicate that you will be sending a cheque.

One oddity to watch for. If your browser is still logging you in as the old common user name that worked before last November then you need to logout and login to your own account.

You can also find a renewal button on the “My account” page. That page also shows what account you are logged into and allows you to log out if it is the wrong one.

All of this relates to members who have the online accounts set up with us following the updating of the website in November. If you have not let us have an updated email address we would still like to have it and we can then set up your individual account.

Thanks to many of you who have renewed over the last few days. If anyone has any problems please email me