Existing Members: Have you had our email?

All members of the Society (at 22 November 2020) have been sent an email about the launch of the new website. This gives details of how to login to the new individual accounts that have been created.

Please check for the email; it may have gone into a spam or junk folder in your mail program.

Of course we can only email you if we already have a current email for you. If you have not received an email please get in touch with us by emailing webmaster

You can find information about how the new individual accounts work and the way renewal of membership will operate

There is further help on the new website in the Frequently Asked Questions

A technical point

All of our system emails come from noreply@gfhs.org.uk. Some mail programs may decide this is spam and either reject the email or move it into your spam or junk folder. You can make sure you get our emails by putting noreply@gfhs.org.uk into your address book.