World War One Centenary Project

Gloucestershire Family History Society has started collecting members’ records and memorabilia relating to people that were involved in WW1.
These may be of soldiers who died or survived, together with any family memories that were recorded and passed down to current generations. Not forgetting the civilian people and women workers and those left at home who were bereaved.
This Project is not restricted to Gloucestershire but is available to all members world wide.
We do not wish to retain any original items but by arrangement will photograph/scan or copy any material members wish to submit that they are unable to digitise themselves.
We would appreciate copies of any stories, Images, etc. to be sent to
Depending on material received it is eventually planned to create a multi platform digital record before the end of 2018.
See Members Submissions
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 Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum seek WW1 photos Email us on for more details or to send us a photo