Burial Register for Tredworth Burial Ground, City of Gloucester, Vol 3

By : Gloucestershire FHS

Register of Burials in the Burial Ground of the City of Gloucester

(Tredworth Cemetery)

Covers the Period 19 May 1961 to 31 December 2013

This is the CD version. You can find the download version here.


This part of the Index does not contain the residential  Address or any Stillbirths that may have been entered during this period to maintain confidentiality but these  are available from the Crematorium Office, Coney Hill Road, Gloucester GL4 4PA,.  They will look up the location of one Grave Number free of charge but for any extra searches, a charge is levied.

A History of the County of Gloucester, Volume 4 states that in 1856 a cemetery of 13 acres was laid out at Tredworth but was not opened until 1857 when the old city churchyards ceased. It was extended in 1875, 1901 and, lastly, in 1911 when it was extended to cover 35 acres. A second city cemetery at Coney Hill was laid out in 1934 but was not opened for burials until 1939. This cemetery is still used today. The old cemetery at Tredworth still has occasional burials there in family plots. Transcription Notes All names and places have been entered as seen in the Burial Books. Where a discrepancy with the Birth, Marriage and Death Index has been found, this had been noted. NG = New Burial Ground. This refers to a new area of the Cemetery being used. Two Grave Numbers given together often relate to family plots adjacent to each other. Unconsecrated Ground – This relates to burials other than Church of England – ie Non-Conformist, Roman Catholic or those not baptised.

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