Stroud History Tour


Stroud History Tour
By: Howard Beard

Stroud History Tour offers a unique insight into the history and buildings of a fascinating Cotswold market town. An itinerary has been created which will lead the reader to view the many places of interest lying along Stroud's streets, public areas and byways. Although intended to begin at the town's surviving railway station, the route can be joined at any point and, similarly, abandoned where desired – perhaps at one of Stroud's many street cafés. By following the proposed tour it will become apparent which parts of the town date from the earliest times and also how its religious buildings have altered, or been put to new uses. In addition, interspersed among the captions, are anecdotes taken from the author's personal and family history. A numbered map is included to assist the reader in exploring the fascinating changes that have taken place over the last century or so in Stroud.

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